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More than 450 variety of products to satisfy diverse use cases and conditions. Prompt production system to produce approximately 15,000 types of parts.

Q Light

Qlight Gives You a Brighter Future!

Qlight strives to continue its lead in producing quality products for the industry by forming a compassionate corporate culture, fulfilling customer oriented needs and maximizing manufacturing efficiency.

New Products

  • QMPS


    Panel mounted smart electric horn (Max. 98dB)
    Compact, yet versatile panel embedded multi-functional speaker
    Offers binary and bit input mode options with 30 pre-recorded sounds, SD card type supports up to 30 user-generated sound input

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  • QTG/QTC/QTR Series

    QTG/QTC/QTR Series

    Modular LED steady/flashing signal tower lights
    Rearrangement of light modules can be easily achieved by Lock-type structure
    Translucent milky lens type (QTR), separate color filter lens type (QTC), colored diffusion lens type (QTG), comes in 3 size selection of Ø50mm, Ø60mm, and Ø70mm

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  • QWCD35/QWCD50


    LED Strobe Light and Smart Electric Horn Configuration (Max. 123dB)
    Qlight’s innovative concept of using the horn cover as a light globe
    IP66, can select between the basic type with 31 built-in sounds and an external sound (MP3) type that supports 31 user-defined sounds

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  • QAD Series

    QAD Series

    Smart electric horn/ High siren buzzer (Max.105dB)
    Wall mount multifunctional signal devices
    Comes in 3 different size with 2 different model type, H type (electric horn) that supports 30 built-in sound and 30 user-defined MP3 sounds and BZ type (high buzzer)

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  • QMCL Series

    QMCL Series

    Multiple color LED steady signal lights
    New LED signal light that can configure with 7 colors in 1 signal unit
    A milky translucent hue when on provide a comfortable and stable viewing condition for workers in close proximity. Comes 4 different sizes

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  • QEL Series

    QEL Series

    LED Light Bars for Distribution Panel
    Features wide direct light distribution in the distribution panels
    Power line threading type, terminal box equipped type, on-off switch equipped type available depending on your sophisticated operation needs

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    Q Light